Production Design and Manufacturing

Production Design and Manufacturing


Full touring LED system - Not a tungsten light in sight!

Photography courtesy of Andi Watson

Specialz design and build a full touring LED system, not a tungsten light bulb in sight!

In conjunction with Andi Watson (Production and Lighting Designer) and Richard Young (Production Manager) Specialz Were commissioned to design and build Radiohead’s World Tour for 2008. They liked what was proposed so much they ordered two, one for the US and one for Europe!


With the band adopting a green approach to touring, Andi Watson’s revolutionary design was a completely LED system of hanging Versatubes forming a forest of light over the stage and the band.


Richard Young commented, “The tracking system is something that makes Specialz different, they came up with a way to suspend the forest of Versa-tubes that deployed the Versa-Tubes fast, easy and simple in a festival situation.” Specialz also developed a joining system and a wiring adapter for the Versa-Tubes which made rigging, connecting and transportation very simple.


In addition to the main elements, Specialz designed and built ‘Quin frames’ - flown pods each containing 5 i-Pix BB7 units complete with a dolly system that enabled them to be flown directly in or out of it.