Production Design and Manufacturing

Production Design and Manufacturing

george ezra

George Ezra’s Staying at Tamara’s 2019 Tour

Photography courtesy of Luke Dyson

Cate Carter & Mike Smith of Bryte Design were brought in to formulate the show design for George Ezra’s 2019 slick 'Living Room' stage production. George had the idea 2 years ago & said that if he ever played large venue's he wanted the venue to feel 'like a living room’ and to create a really intimate atmosphere for the audience.


Adorned with several decorative lampshades-large and small, 40 Chinese lanterns, three Victorian sash windows & screens, house plants & Persian rugs the end result in translating George Ezra’s vision for the tour was spectacular.


Specialz created the three giant custom lampshades featuring Par CP95 and custom LED fittings to illustrate the soft, homely and intimate feel of the set design. Three half-tonne Liftkets running on Kinesys vector motion control system for automation were used to fly the lampshades. An innovative, never seen before concept, George Ezra's Production Manager Jake Vernum explained the inner workings of the props: “Each lampshade is complete with both downlights to light the stage and LED RGBW tape to colour the lampshade itself”.


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