Production Design and Manufacturing

Production Design and Manufacturing

Dua Lipa

Keyboard case based on an antique spinet

Photography courtesy of Pixie Levinson

Pete Abbot commissioned Specialz to design and build a transparent keyboard case for a Roland A 88 keyboard. The eventual concept was based on an antique spinet, however the client wanted flowers on the back face of the spinet to add interest.


The case was made from 12mm transparent acrylic and 3mm mirrored acrylic used to hide the keyboard and dress parts of the internals. Mirrored panels were provided to dress the wheels.


Specialz designed a split top flight case so the keyboard and acrylic case travelled upright in a wheelbase tray. Cables, Midi and pedals all travelled rigged.


The flowers are FR sunflowers. Design and installation by Magda @magda_zine.    They are attached by two offset steel mesh panels. Once the correct aspect was achieved they were tied in with small tie wraps.


The artist was so impressed she even made the time to thank Dave in person at production rehearsals.


“I was expecting it to look good, but I didn’t expect it to be that good! I love it, I absolutely love it!” - Dua Lipa