Production Design and Manufacturing

Production Design and Manufacturing


Scenic elements comprising two crosses & a balancing symbol


Specialz were contacted late last year by LD Louis Oliver to replicate existing scenic elements for an autumn tour.


The only nod to stage embellishment is a set of symbols that adom the keyboard and drum risers. “We have three scenic pieces that sit in front of the risers” says Oliver. “The two crosses mimic the bands artwork for the Love Is Dead album, and there is a balancing symbol across the front of the drum riser. These items run in low res video, which complements the look and feel of each song in the set. We used Specialz to sort these for us; they are so adept at creating unique pieces that both work and travel easily and effectively. The design of the crosses stemmed from a conversation with Warren Fu who is the band’s creative director for all of their artwork in this campaign”.


Having submitted a number of concepts to give a similar effect that could be manufactured in the timescale, and after a subsequent meeting with Dave and Campbell McNeil, one of the Band’s managers in LAX, it was agreed to postpone manufacture until the following February which would give enough time to replicate the effect accurately and give both the band and LD Louis exactly what they wanted.

The final pieces turned to have 5115 RGB programmable pixels in total controlled by over 31 universes which was mapped by Louis over 3 days at Specialz in Birmingham.


An unusual requirement for the front diffuser was a black mirrored effect which was eventually achieved by utilizing a black mirrored vinyl film onto opal LED polycarbonate. By making the backing plate which held the LED Arrays adjustable, we were able to give Louis the balance between a mapped maximum point source effect, block colour and a black mirrored diffuser which masked the LED's behind with a highly reflective surface.


Specialz MD Dave Smith commented:

“A thoroughly enjoyable experience working with Campbell (Lunatic Entertainment) Louis (LD) and Patrick Scott (PM). It’s refreshing to work with an old-style touring act - as Chvrches never seem to stop touring! And a production team who know what they are after and are prepared to wait the necessary time to obtain it”.