Production Design and Manufacturing

Production Design and Manufacturing

The Script

Retro style based on sketches from the band

An unusual retro keyboard stand was manufactured for The Script, based on some very strong guidance and sketches from the band themselves. This scenic prop had the look of a black, wood-grained speaker cabinet, containing a trio of Yamaha NS10 cones. (Not real ones, painted aluminium spun reflectors).


An illuminated active VU meter was fitted to the side of the stand, driven by a small internal mic, so that any loud noise would flick the meter needle. An oversize power lamp was also fitted to the side, this could be switched on or off as desired. Large chicken head knobs and curly patch leads completed the look. The stand disassembled into three pieces to fit into the supplied flight case for transport.


They liked it so much, they ordered another identical one to assist with their busy touring schedule.