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“Specialz have delivered on this project in bucket-loads: they took a slightly silly idea very seriously and turned it into a workable and remarkable reality. How you achieve that is a whole Black Art of its own and Dave and his team at Specialz are masters of it.”
Marcus Lyall – Set Designer - Chemical Brothers

"If you can't get someone to build something because all they say it’s too difficult, take it to Specialz and they will!"
Carl Burnett-Lighting Designer Pet Shop Boys.

"Lighting designers have been waiting for a service like this for a long time”
Max Conwell Lighting Director –Placebo, Morrissey, Razorlight.

"A lot of the time you are trying to create a design that doesn't exist but in my case the client had a very clear idea's of what they wanted and Specialz were able to bring those very obscure idea's to life and now that's why we have eight 9ft high female mannequins that move, have leg's that kick, are dressed in bespoke costumes and have a moving light as a head.

The wealth of experience and knowledge that Specialz bring to any project is always a bonus and with Specialz that's what you get be it electrical, mechanical, electronic, stage design, stage lighting and more importantly common sense. Specialz does what it says on the tin!"

Cormac Jackson-Lighting Designer-Franz Ferdinand.

"Specialz are like a shining star in the industry firmament! The best thing to hit the business since sliced porridge”
Charlie Kail-Set Designer and founder of Brilliant Stages.

“Fantastic attention to detail, just what I had envisioned”
Willie Williams Lighting Designer REM,U2.

“Specialz makes you feel so special....thanks so much for your excellent work!“
Mark Brickman-Set Designer Scissor Sisters, Il Divi. Lighting Director Pink Floyd, David Gilmour and the Blueman Group.

"From initial phone call to reality, the whole project was handled in the most professional of manners, and within the very limited deadline that we had. I have been very impressed by the constant attention to detail, knowledge, and advice, not to mention the friendliness of service!

The end results speak for themselves, and, I believe, exceeded the expectations of both the band and management, in creating something that became a real feature of our shows. The inherent flexibility of the sign, multiple rigging points and sturdy construction, means that it will continue to be a feature of our future shows! I look forward to working with Specialz again on future Scissor Sisters shows"

Dave Ross Lighting Director Scissor Sisters and Royskopf.

“Specialz have once again enabled me to take what is in my head and present it to clients safe in the knowledge that with their expertise and high standards, my design ideas will be turned into exactly what I need. It is always a pleasure to work with Specialz and i look forward to the next opportunity to do so”
Andi Watson Lighting Designer, Dido, Radiohead, Oasis.

“Specialz really are peopled with men of exquisite skill and indefatigable stamina!”
Es Devlin, Set Designer-Pet Shop Boys.

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