Production Design and Manufacturing

Production Design and Manufacturing

Scissor Sisters

Bespoke lighting to fit any space and be flown in a variety of ways

To compliment Marc Brickman's unusual set design, Lighting Designer Dave Ross commissioned Specialz to build a large sign that could be flown in a variety of different ways depending on the venue and rental truss available. The sign comprised 14 x 4ft high letters and a 6ft tall scissor glyph with 800 15w bulbs set into three circuits.


LD Dave Ross commented


"From initial phone call to reality, the whole project was handled in the most professional of manners, and within the very limited deadline that we had. I have been very impressed by the constant attention to detail, knowledge, and advice, not to mention the friendliness of service!

The end results speak for themselves, and, I believe, exceeded the expectations of both the band and management, in creating something that became a real feature of our shows. The inherent flexibility of the sign, multiple rigging points and sturdy construction, means that it will continue to be a feature of our future shows!

I look forward to working with Specialz again on future Scissor Sisters shows."