Production Design and Manufacturing

Production Design and Manufacturing

Sarah Brightman

121 DMX controlled RGB LEDs make for stunning lighting

Star Ball


The Sarah Brightman Star Ball is a stunning lighting effect that contains 121 internally mounted DMX controlled RGB LEDs, inside a 370mm diameter mirror ball. The LEDs were mounted on to threaded blocks so that the clear threaded plastic rods could be screwed in and illuminated. Above the sphere is a control box containing a rotator that can provide constant low speed rotation, in either direction and at variable speeds as well as supplying power & data to the sphere through a mercury contact slip ring. The whole assembly can be disassembled and fitted into the supplied custom made flightcase.




The SB LED Stars comprised an acrylic star assembly containing a 6 sided RGB LED cube corresponding with the 6 points of the star. The small size of each star meant that the centre cube could not exceed 50mm / 2” so a custom interlocking aluminium assembly was produced to act as both mounting and heatsinking. A 4 core cable connected the star to its PSU and also serves to suspend the star as it was extremely light. This suspension was also used to deploy the stars using a small winch system. Each of the 28 stars produced were capable of independent control.


Sarah Brightman Star Ball – Design Concept - Andi Watson