Production Design and Manufacturing

Production Design and Manufacturing

Robbie Williams

Specialz Take the Crown with Robbie Williams

Specialz worked with Lighting Designer Willie Williams to integrate a series of mystical symbols known as ‘Sigils’ into the stage set and flown pieces. The designs needed to be vibrant and colourful and above all controllable. The designer had previously used ropelight and was keen to see whether the design could be made to work across the modular staging and still work.


Colour samples and test pieces were tried as well as CAD visualisations, a prototype hanging Sigil was made and sent down to Willie for a light test and to assess it’s all round visibility, this experimentation paid off as everything fell into place.


Decks were routed to accept the ropelight which was doubled to outline each Sigil, hanging frames were fabricated with skeletal detail outlining each shape, this was also a double thickness of ropelight.


The end result was spectacular to say the least, show goers were treated to an amazing display especially during the opening number, ‘Let me entertain you”.