Production Design and Manufacturing

Production Design and Manufacturing


Huge impact 'razorlighting'

Photography courtesy of Kumar Kamalagharan

Razorlight's tour and headlining summer shows at Reading and Leeds can be construed as absolute ‘blinders’.


Lighting Designer Max Conwell came up with a staging concept which required eight, 2m by 8m drop, DMX controlled Venetian blinds, behind which were flown eight tracking video screens. Additionally the Venetian’s 80mm wide louvres had a finish that took colour well and allowed for both colour effects and projection to used on the closed louvres slats which gave a variety of very different and powerful looks.


Conwell also commissioned a 5ft high 24ft long ‘RAZORLIGHT’ sign with 800 bulbs which was flown from the front truss. Not wanting the branding to be overpowering, the sign was made out of polycarbonate and when not lit either with its integral lighting or the main show lighting, blended into the rest of set seamlessly.


Max Conwell commented;

“Specialz are the first call to make for me when I need bespoke and unusual fixtures and scenic elements. I am always safe in the knowledge that the finished construction is exactly as promised. As a designer I am always judged both on the suppliers I use and on the quality of the finished design and I always feel assured by Dave and Keith’s professionalism and experience.

There really is no-one around who offers a similar service or who produces the same quality”


Kumar Kamalagharan, Tour Manager for Razorlight

"For the Reading and Leeds shows we developed a drum riser concept with Specialz that would integrate with the sign and the blinds. In closing Kumar quipped;

"With the help of Specialz, we really have pulled a blind(er) on this tour......"




Photography courtesy of Max Conwell