Production Design and Manufacturing

Production Design and Manufacturing


Incredible fabric nets powered by LED lighting

12 large LED Nets were created for the roof space of Pink’s stage. Each net used 8 x  5M strings of Color Kinetics RGB Nodes.


Because of the large area being covered, (each net being 2.4M x 5M), the production manager was keen to find a quick method to deploy and connect the nets.


A fabric net backing attached to an aluminium tube at the top and bottom gave the structure to which 8 strings were permanently attached, connection to the 8 strings was then wired into a multipin connector.


This meant that each LED Net could be raised and lowered directly out of its flightcase, in fact the whole system could be deployed at once.


Color Kinetics drive electronics was built into 3 custom flightcases, combining the CK Rack outputs into LED Net multipin output connectors.


These flightcases were housed on a central truss in 3 positions to feed directly into the LED Net multipin connectors, power and data was sent up from the ground.