Production Design and Manufacturing

Production Design and Manufacturing

Lily Allen

10 gold painted, oversized lampshades

10 over size lampshades were made for the Lily Allen tour, based on a concept/design by LD Chris Bushell, they were over a Metre in diameter, made from gold painted aluminium and covered in fabric.


Lighting wise, they featured 2 x circuits of 8 PAR 36 aeros arranged around the lower edge, 4 x GLS tungsten lamps on the inside for internal illumination and a MAC TW1 moving light suspended from the centre.

A Socapex input was added for the dimmable lighting circuits and a single 16A for the Mac.


The stage set was based on a modular staging system with custom sections added to it. A central set of steps lead down through 2 circular raised sections and then on to the floor level.

Stage areas had flush mounted lighting built into the top edge, following the shape or curve, the steps also had flush lighting, presenting a uniform spacing from top to bottom.


Each wired section had a Socapex input to make the most of the available lighting.