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"If you can't rent, beg,
borrow, or buy - then build!"

Essentially, Specialz is a show and event design house with custom manufacturing capabilities.
Our client base covers all aspects of the modern entertainment world from contemporary art, theatre, TV and film, concert touring, product development, architectural or corporate.

Our principal strengths are:

• Ideas and concept design and development
• Electrical show control design
• Electro-mechanical engineering and manufacturing
• Product design
• Prototyping
• Automation Electronics
• Set wiring
• Equipment refurbishment and retro fitting
• Custom architectural lighting fittings and control
• Logistics
• Product signage and branding

"If it needs to be better than good, then make it Specialz"

It is a mark of our ability to meet a creative challenge that in the few short years since launching in 2003, Specialz has generated an outstanding client base, a wealth of testimonials and a portfolio of artists and events that speak louder than words.

Creativity and innovation are very difficult territories, involving Specialz early in for production planning can make the artistically irrational somehow manageable.

Specialz have established new concepts and standards that our clients now accept and demand. From the abstract to the concrete; from the simple dreams to the big ideas. The clue is in our name; we think the unthinkable.

There is a very Specialz Team looking forward to working with you.

"Give yourself that innovative edge...."

When you have run out of places to turn, turn to Specialz and we will build it. We can turn your vision into a manufacturing and logistical reality. No matter how complex, large or small, from simple to bizarre and all the way through to outlandish. Anything and everything is considered, provided within the current boundaries of physics. We are also prepared to give some thought to the currently impossible!

If you have a fantastic idea, a brave concept, or even just the kernel of a world shattering prototype, why not join some of the World's top creatives, who have already made that call to Specialz and give yourself an innovative edge. Take those few steps and enter a very different world, where the process of concept to completion, from design to delivery, is not a nightmare but an enjoyable creative experience.

"The impossible is what nobody can do - until somebody does" - Anon