Production Design and Manufacturing

Production Design and Manufacturing


300 DMX linked twinkling stars

The Band, having seen illuminated origami stars whilst touring in Japan, obtained some of the paper based origami pieces with a view to using a large number of them to accompany them on their tour. The initial brief called for 300 active units, several different sizes, each star being on a separate DMX channel.


The Coldplay Stars system uses 24V DC LED tape, this is formed into a circle of the appropriate size and fixed into an Origami paper star. A 5M/16’ lead with a 2.1mm DC plug on the end is attached to the star, this also has a safety clip attached at the top point that clips on to the webbing strap Star String for suspension.


Tech Spec


The 2.5M long Star String carries 9 circuits of control for 9 individual stars, outputs are on 2.1mm DC sockets, these are staggered along the length at 300mm intervals, with circuit 1 closest to the input lead. A 4M long input lead is attached to the Star String and connects into the control box via a 12 way multipin connector. The control box has 3 12 way output connectors, each being 9 channels, (one control box has 27 channels). The box is designed to be mounted close to the Star String hanging point and it is fitted with 2 eyes and 2 safety wires so that it can be attached to a variety of objects. The boxes have both mains and DMX in and out connectors on one end so that boxes can be linked together without the need for separate feeds.