Production Design and Manufacturing

Production Design and Manufacturing

Chelsea FC

Custom fabricated 3d lettering

Specialz designed and built several lighting fixtures for the exterior of Chelsea Football Club, including an 11 Metre tall sign.


The sign spells out the phrase UNDER THE BRIDGE in vertically ascending letters and includes a huge curved arrow on the bottom to indicate the location of the night club beneath the stadium.


The signage was made using custom fabricated 3D lettering with approximately two hundred and fifty 30mm diameter exterior LED bulbs used to fill them.


The LED light sources were chosen for their low power consumption and there was a need to conform to local Council requirements which was.


A DMX control system was provided to animate the Las Vegas style sign, this in turn was controlled by a time switch.


In addition to the main sign, a smaller sign, in the same style, was made for the entrance to the club, again using exterior LEDs and driven from the same DMX control system.


To complete the project, 2 x 1960s 10K Arri film lights were refurbished and each fitted internally with an RGB PAR. The lights were then suspended above the entrance, providing a very colourful greeting to the clientele.