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Diana Krall - Feb 2015

The starting point for this project were some images of 1940s broadcast microphones, the sort with 4 springs supporting a central mic from an outer ring. The brief called for a larger than life version with RGBW LED lighting within the outer ring and inner mic part. Although it seemed like a straightforward project, it required considerable engineering precision and processes: ring rolling, laser cutting, hand drilling, fettling etc. The construction had to be robust as it would be travelling around the world in a truck.

Everything was assembled and machined by hand where required, making sure that the fit was perfect before sending parts off for powder coating. A custom DMX power supply was built for each mic with a multipin connector on each part so that everything could pack away. The PSU lives in the truss with a multicore connection to the mic which also has 2 suspension wires that clip onto rigging eyes.

DK Mic CapitolDiana Krall LED Mic