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Kings Of Leon Surgery Light - May 2013

The KOL Surgery Lights were commissioned to emulate large retro lamps used in hospital surgeries. 10 Units were produced, each fitted with 3 x ETC Source Four PARs with 575W lamps, across the centre position, with an additional 4 x LED PAR RGBA fixtures, a total of 7 lighting units. A single Socapex input connector and sturdy yoke made these units very easy to rig and focus.

Visually, the lighting was hidden behind a diffusion filter and a clear polycarbonate sheet, this gave the units a uniform look until the lighting was used. The RGBA LED fixtures were well matched to the Source Fours, being able to achieve a good colour temperature match when needed. In use, the units were able to carry off several ‘tricks’ including running chases around the periphery.

Light Unit