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The Hub - Siemens Urban Sustainability Centre, Docklands

This project involved supplying a series of dynamic lighting effects to emulate ‘Energy Lines’ moving around a large visitor attraction for Siemens in their Urban Sustainability Centre at Docklands in London.

Intelligent node LED tape was used to create dynamic lines of light that can be programmed to send pulses of light along each length. Each node is individually controllable and capable of producing RGB colour, a total of 8 lines were created, with lengths up to 32M.

The light lines were installed into diffused polycarbonate tubes with an integral suspension system, the tubes were provided in various radius types to match the path of the effect as it ‘snakes’ around the exhibition space.

Control boxes were provided with a DMX interface to provide the following options:

1: Fire a Pulse
2: Red Background colour
3: Green Background colour
4: Blue Background colour
5: Red Pulse colour
6: Green Pulse colour
7: Blue Pulse colour
8: Pulse speed
9: Pulse direction
10: Pulse Length

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