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Black Sabbath Cross circa 1981 Rebuilt 2009

A sympathetic restoration of an original Black Sabbath set piece including replacing the existing 60 lamps, (typically 650W PAR 36), with LED light sources.

Acquired as a piece of Black Sabbath memorabilia by Music Superstore PMT The Black Sabbath Cross found it’s way in the Specialz Workshop for a refit. The Birmingham branch of PMT Music store plan to hang the piece, dating from 1981 tour, in the shop. However, with most of fittings missing and the fact they’d have to sell twice as many instruments to pay the electricity bill if it was rebuilt with the original light sources.

Keith Owen, Specialz Technical Director, sourced some obsolete spinnings and repopulated the piece with 60 1.5w LED clusters which only draw a total of 300w max. He then used a prismatic lens to amplify the light output.

PMT Birmingham Manager Garry Chapman Said, “It looks awesome, can’t wait to hang it in the shop!”