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Headliners Franz Ferdinand at Reading and Leeds Festivals 2006 produced a model performance with the help of eight synchronised dancing mannequins provided by Specialz.

The “dancing girls” were commissioned by the band as a special surprise to festival-goers. Hidden behind several backdrops the girls saved their star performance until later in the show and proved to be a real crowd pleaser.

When revealed they were dressed in stunning red costumes and had VL5 Arc lights for heads.

Specialz also provided the dramatic 10ft high “Franz” sign and the whole show was excellently lit by Cormac Jackson who commented:
" A lot of the time you are trying to create a design that doesn’t exist, but my client had a very clear idea of what they wanted. Specialz were able to bring those very obscure ideas to life and now that’s why we have 10ft high female mannequins that move, have legs that kick, are dressed in bespoke costumes and have a moving light as a head. The wealth of experience and knowledge that Specialz* to any project is always a bonus, that’s what you get be it electrical, mechanical, electronic, stage design, stage lighting and more importantly common sense. Specialz* does what it says on the tin"

Photo © Robin Wain

Photo © Specialz LTD
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