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TFL and Simply Red's Special Chandelier

The current tour by Simply Red is attracting praise from many quarters. Mick Hucknall has produced one of his finest albums in many years and ticket sales for the concerts reflect the quality of his output. Quality standards are similarly applied to the level of presentation for the tour, not least the stunning stage design by Patrick Woodroffe and Mark Fisher. Arguably the most emphatic element of the set is a large lighting chandelier, a multi-faceted crystal form made of aluminium, hung left of centre stage. A striking piece of design, it was constructed by one of the UK's leading set building houses, Total Fabrications Ltd (TFL). "Total Fabrications have done a great job," said production director Nick Levitt. "We're now on show four and already it takes less than an hour to assemble and rig the chandelier."

One of the leading production managers in the business, Levitt is an exacting director, and takes issues such as assembly and rigging time very seriously. In this instance the ubiquitous Charlie Kail can take some of the praise for the chandelier's quick assembly time; a regular collaborator with TFL, it was his experience that steered them towards the organisation and design of the chandelier's final touring construction and packaging.

The chandelier contains 24 egg strobes, 24 bulkhead lights, a dozen eight foot coloured fluorescents and 4 MAC 2000 profiles rigged from the bottom - all installed and wired by new company Specialz, who were brought in by TFL. "It's a very striking piece of kit," concluded Levitt. "Stage sets should never overwhelm the artist, and from that point of view the chandelier is quite muted in some respects, but as a physical entity it complements the attention to detail that Mick puts into his music."

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