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Electric Scissor Lifts for Daniel O'Donnell 2004

Specialz were entrusted with the task of providing the amazingly popular Daniel O'Donnell with a stage set incorporating a rising drum platform for his 2004/05 tour. The brief for the lift called for it to be light in weight and a space was needed for the artiste to walk through the middle to enable an entrance.

We had already spoken to Glyn from Kanlite, (the main lighting contractor), about the possibility of lightweight non-hydraulic lifts and this was the perfect opportunity to put the theory to the test.

The platform was designed with a pair of scissor lifts in the base, one either side, leaving the required entrance up the middle, with a leadscrew, gearbox and electric motor providing the power to produce a straight lift.

This produced a very smooth controllable motion with the stability required for the purposes of a drum platform. The end result of both stage set and lift was extremely classy, Daniel liked it so much, we were commissioned to make a complete second system for the US shows.

Photo © Glyn Owen