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Specialz in LUV - July 2003

Anyone seeing the recent REM shows couldn't fail to notice the three foot high, tomato red, glowing letters - partly because they are on sticks that put them directly into everyone's view, but mainly because they were so stylish. The letters, spelling L U V, were manufactured by Specialz Ltd to an original drawing that depicted the desired concept and shape required, but left the technical solutions to them. Everyone in the Entertainment Industry knows how much punishment equipment gets, so it was essential that these letters were built for road use. With this in mind, a mild steel shell was fabricated around polycarbonate fronts and to ensure 100% duty cycle, a fan system was installed. Four fluorescent set pieces were also wired for the series of shows, and the brief for these called for all internal components to be on view, to emulate illuminated advertising signs that have lost their fronts.

This was achieved using Encapsulite fittings and a wiring system fixed to internal support bars. All the equipment was supplied with a full user and instruction manual and included electrical safety test certificates.