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Pottering About at the RAH - July

Building on critically acclaimed projects for Placebo and Simply Red, special projects and set wiring company Specialz have just successfully completed their first job for Clear Channel. The unusual brief was to install various effects into the Harry Potter car, (a 1960's Ford Anglia), which would then be used as a set piece for an event to support the release of the latest Harry Potter book at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The effects included: remote controlled moving headlamps running at 250W, hazard warning lights and a DMX smoke machine connected to the exhaust with its own PAR36 key light. Because the car was suspended above the stage, all equipment had to be self-contained and controllable from the ground.

Solutions were found for all of the requirements and the overall effect gave the powder blue 1968 Ford Anglia a sense of life and personality, contributing to the 'ah factor' much in evidence when the legion of fans turned up to attend the show. Other work was also carried out to the stage lighting, installing architectural tungsten softlighting to highlight various elements of the Hogwarts set.

Image courtesy Glyn Larcom - Splash Studios